Emona By Night


”As you walk the quaint cobbled streets of Ljubljana, you can’t help but wonder what life was like when these old buildings were young and when your way was lit by the flicker of gaslight. With it’s winding narrow corridors, the green serpentine of the river accompanying you under the looming gaze of the castle on the hill. If only there was someone who could tell you a story of it all. Someone to really bring this fairy tale to life.

Well, we can tell you that there are those who still remember the days of old. Only they wouldn’t try to bring a story to life, but drag you into the world of those long dead and conjure your eternal nightmare. “

-A voice in the head of a visitor of Ljubljana

Welcome, to Emona by Night

Emona By Night is a Vampire Live Action Role-Play (LARP) group from Ljubljana Slovenia. It is based on White Wolf’s World of Darkness setting in a Nordic Style LARP. We host sessions of political scheming, personal drama, and horror for all involved.